It’s a boisterous end of term party for our podcasters as Colin Lambert and Galen Stops interrupt their festivities to grade each other’s predictions for the industry made at the start of the year.

Stops is in triumphant mood as he picks apart a couple of less-than-successful predictions from Lambert, however the latter is ready with some handy data to dampen the former’s spirits – or so he thinks.

So, from algos and crypto, through tap ins on market data and FXPB, to full amount trading and unintelligible predictions, there is plenty for them to get their teeth into and listeners can decide for themselves on the big issues – does a +5% return that underperforms the benchmark by 3% really constitute success as Stops claims? And does a return of -4% that outperforms a -10% benchmark constitute success as Lambert claims? Listen in to find out.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert