Having dragged Colin Lambert and Galen Stops kicking and screaming off the beach, the podcast is back and they are into the swing of things early, discussing the changing attitudes of fund managers to FX. Looking at this week’s NAB survey of Superannuation Funds FX attitudes, Lambert highlights the paradox of funds investing more in emerging markets but using dramatically less NDF products to hedge them, while Stops wonders how big the opportunity for currency managers actually is in the world’s fourth biggest superannuation pool?

There is also time for Lambert to provide two stories that should be of concern to proponents of the FX Global Code – are we really, as Stops ponders, seeing it as a box-ticking exercise – before closing out with a first for In the FICC of It – a question about climate change!

Download now from the website or the podcast store on your Android or IOS device.

*We apologise for the occasional drop off in audio during the recording, however are confident our listeners can fill in the gaps!

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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