In this week’s podcast Colin Lambert gets to air some long-held grievances at market structure change when Galen Stops asks him, “any thoughts on the Deutsche Bank job cuts?” Our two podcasters look at the function of risk in the market, as well as the potential impact of what Lambert sees as a steady shift to the brokerage model in FX, with the associated threat to market quality.

The two also take a look at a recent survey of corporate treasurers by Citi and have a lively debate around the pros and cons of those functions embracing innovation and technology at a greater rate than they currently do, while Lambert has his own question for Stops, “Is innovation dead?”.

The podcast closes out with a quick look at the latest FX volume reports from the platforms, although our podcasters seem more interested in calling out the “spin” around the releases than discussing the actual numbers themselves – as Lambert warns, “we’re onto you!”.

Download the podcast now from the Apple iTunes store, on your Android or the MyCast service, as well as from the Profit & Loss website.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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