Remember to download and subscribe to In the FICC of It at the Apple iTunes store and this week you can enjoy Colin Lambert and Galen Stops stepping into tricky territory by discussing actual economic things! As always seems to be the case Lambert is mystified by a US government decision, while Stops suddenly has a favourite panel at the upcoming Profit & Loss conference in Mexico City.

Our podcasters then move into more familiar territory, although this time it is Stops who is a little mystified, by numbers in a recent report on FX platforms – as ever Lambert, being a solutions-driven person, thinks he has the answer. They close out with a look at how some speed bumps are not speed bumps (they are really) and the different strategies being rolled out to deal with the “problem” of high speed traders.

With cultural references to cricket (cue tumbleweed amongst most listeners) and movies, there’s something for everyone in this week’s podcast.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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