In this week’s podcast P&L’s editor Galen Stops is in ebullient mood as trend followers return to profitability and he is quick to let P&L’s managing editor Colin Lambert – who predicted the death of trend following last year you may recall – know this fact. As well the expected bluster and refusal to change his position, Lambert observes what he thinks is an interesting paradox. Why, when volumes are low and people are bemoaning the lack of volatility, are CTAs suddenly doing so well – including the aforementioned trend followers?

Stops also asks Lambert for his observations from moderating two panels in the past month on the future of the FX swaps market and for once the response is less than straightforward. So why is he only cautiously optimistic on automation in FX swaps? Find out by listening in.

As a special bonus, long terms listeners can also join in the fun and games as Lambert reveals, much to Stops’ delight, that he hasn’t lost the golden touch when it comes to predicting football matches. Having failed miserably to pick winners in last year’s World Cup, he reveals that not only did he continue this trend in this week’s UEFA Champions League matches, but, despite being in Europe, he somehow failed to see a minute of the action!

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert