In the FICC of It

Given they predicted just such a move almost a year ago there is no surprise from Colin Lambert and Galen Stops in this week’s podcast over the announcement that Deutsche Boerse is in talks with Refinitiv to buy some or all of its FX assets. So far, so straightforward – however this is In the FICC of It so should we be surprised that Lambert uses the word “madness” to describe one possible outcome of these talks?

Stops is interested in how this would leave the FX trading landscape given we could be looking at two giant conglomerates in CME Group and Deutsche Boerse and the two discuss what it could mean for spot and FX swaps markets – are we looking at a potentially significant moment in the industry’s evolution?

The podcast also discusses a survey on AI and for once Lambert is not leading the way with a sceptical attitude as Stops questions exactly what definition respondents are using when talking about AI.

With a quick stopover to look at the latest IMF report on global conditions – which Lambert thinks reinforces one of his longstanding arguments over liquidity and volatility, there is much to get through in this week’s podcast – so get listening!

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert