In this week’s podcast Colin Lambert and Galen Stops discuss the article penned for Profit & Loss by former FX trader Rohan Ramchandani about his trial and subsequent acquittal for market manipulation. While they generally agree on most points there is, inevitably, areas of disagreement, but that is nothing compared to when they move on (thanks to a quiet news week) to how they ranked each other’s predictions for 2018.

The results are available on the website, but why did Stops given Lambert a 6/10 for a bitcoin prediction that was actually correct? What reason does Lambert give for returning the compliment by giving Stops just a 4/10 for his own crypto prediction? Finally, which one of them scored the most points with their predictions?

Without wishing to get too complicated, our two podcasters close out by predicting which of their five predictions for 2019 will be the most successful. Setting themselves up for a fall? Absolutely!

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert