In the FICC of it

In this week’s podcast Colin Lambert and Galen Stops discuss the unusual case of a cryptocurrency fund manager that died with the only access code to about $190 million in cryptoassets. However, Stops – who has apparently been spending too much time on the Infowars website – casts doubt on the idea that the manager is even dead……

This leads on to a broader discussion about cryptocurrencies, namely where have the spreads gone in bitcoin? And what happens to this cryptocurrency when the price doesn’t move anymore. 

The pair also discuss the OTC platform volumes this month, with Lambert expressing frustration that these platform aren’t more transparent about their rules and their enforcement. Staying with this topic, they then discuss whether or not the Global Code of Conduct has changed behaviour on these platforms,  and Stops relays comments from one market participants that isn’t so sure on this.

Finally, they discuss one of Lambert’s 2019 predictions, as Stops asks: what on earth does he actually know about trading NOK/MXN?!

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Galen Stops

Galen Stops