In (real) football parlance it’s a tap in for Galen Stops and Colin Lambert in this week’s podcast as they have more academic research that states the obvious to poke fun at. Listen in as they discuss last week’s report on the Swiss National Bank debacle in 2015, including Lambert’s description of what he describes as a “magnificent” set up of the market by the central bank and a “perfect lesson” in how to stuff markets up (technical term).

Our two podcasters also discuss the FX market’s handling of last week’s UK Parliament vote on Brexit and wonder if the real lesson of the past few weeks is that the modern FX market copes with known-unknowns better than it’s ancestors, but struggles more in unknown-unknown conditions?

Following last week’s announcement from HSBC that it is actually using blockchain technology for a real world use our intrepid podcasters look at the potential impact on market incumbents as well as discuss the challenge facing DLT as it seeks to expand beyond single institution solutions.

The podcast closes out with Stops reporting on his visit to a media day at Cboe and the mysterious disappearance of two asset classes from their promotional literature – Lambert, as always, has a theory why… 

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert