It may be his life-threatening illness (slight cold) but Colin Lambert is in punchy form in this week’s In the FICC of It podcast, so listen in as he and Galen Stops discuss a busy week in the FICC world.

Starting with the potential implications of Cboe’s agreement with UBS to help broaden the reach of its FX platform – and why Refinitiv might want to sit up and pay attention – they rampage through the multi-dealer platform world looking at how (if according to Lambert) platforms can differentiate themselves. Are these firms really taking the single dealer model and deploying it in a multi-dealer landscape? Will this work? What are the USPs of a single and multi-dealer platform?

Our podcasters also take a look at how LPs can differentiate (that word again) themselves and Lambert has another one of his “special” theories about why non-bank firms need to be more than just an FX provider, they then move on to give themselves a pat on the back for (hopefully) actually identifying a mover and shaker in this year’s annual Digital FX Awards.

The podcast closes out with bad news for those who spent the whole of 2017 traumatised by the impending MiFID II legislation, as well as discussing a theme that Lambert describes as “hitting bottom and starting to dig”…

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert