In the FICC of It

There’s a behavioural feel to this week’s podcast as Colin Lambert opens up with his views on the number of spoofers being brought to heel by the CFTC. He then moves onto another CFTC-related issue, wondering if questions should be asked of the management team that allowed Citi’s voice monitoring operation to descend into apparent chaos – leading to a CFTC fine. Finally, in yet another inspired(!) prediction, Lambert wonders if a deal announced this week signals the retreat of voice brokers from the hybrid model.

Lambert is then joined by Guy Hopkins, founder and CEO of FairXchange, to discuss how data and analytics is changing the face of the FX relationship. With the firm’s pricing stack analysis tool newly launched, Hopkins explains how LPs and customers are using it and what it can really tell about a relationship.

Lambert, predictably, wants to “out” those LPs who claimed they “stayed in” during the Covid peak when anecdotal evidence suggests many didn’t, but thankfully for the listeners the conversation soon turns to another aspect of the FX relationship – managing a panel of LPs in a world in which customers want less. And as Hopkins explains, sometimes when looking at the relationship, less can mean more.

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Julie Ros

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