In the FICC of It

In this week’s podcast Colin Lambert gets his teeth into one of his favourite subjects – spoofing – and, as usual, has some theories about lessons that can be learned elsewhere.

Ahead of Forex Network Chicago later this week, however, which will kick off by a panel looking at the FX swaps market structure, the majority of the podcast looks at a new initiative in that space as Lambert is joined by Andy Woolmer, CEO of New Change FX to talk benchmarks for FX swaps and currency beta indices. Woolmer explains the thinking behind the new products and answers Lambert’s questions about how the benchmarks deal with the “turns” that create so much upheaval in markets and there is also time for a philosophical discussion about benchmarks generally.

The new currency beta indices prompt a lively discussion about the performance of currency managers generally, but Lambert is particularly interested in one aspect of the indices – the ability to trade FX swaps without the credit, collateral and capital overhang. So, are they the future? Download and listen in to find out.

Julie Ros
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Julie Ros

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