This week’s podcast kicks off with Colin Lambert discussing some of the feedback he received over his comments in the week’s column over the re-papering of trades post the SNB debacle in 2015. He does not, of course, miss the opportunity to drive home his argument that algos should have mandatory price limits, along the way dismissing concerns aired over what would happen if we have another Brexit-type event.

Lambert also has time to discuss the latest episode in the Cartel saga as well point listeners, unusually, in the direction of another podcast, before he is joined by Mike Keenan, head of currency strategy at ABSA in Johannesburg to talk about conditions in emerging markets.

Keenan talks about how market conditions have evolved along with the COVID crisis as well as about the changing correlations in markets, not least involving Turkey, Brazil and South Africa. Lambert is also delighted to hear, in the true spirit of In the FICC of It, that ABSA’s forecast for the rand in the year ahead is very much off-consensus. To find out why download and listen now.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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