This week’s podcast focuses largely on liquidity in FX markets, which naturally gives P&L’s managing editor, Colin Lambert, an opportunity to share some of his more strident opinions, not least when it comes to customers complaining about spreads. Luckily for listeners, Matthew Hodgson, founder of Mosaic Smart Data is on hand to provide some reasoned analysis, backed up by hard data!

Hodgson and Lambert discuss Mosiac’s FX Liquidity service which was launched earlier this year and, more pertinently, the trends that have emerged from the data. The chat runs through spreads, volumes, volatility and much more before Lambert, observing that the number of data services is growing exponentially, asks, ‘what should people be looking for in their data and analytics providers?’ As Hodgson observes, there is a tremendous amount of terrific raw data out there on FX markets, but cleaning and collating it the right fashion can provide a serious competitive advantage.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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