In this week’s podcast, Colin Lambert casts his eye over a new challenge facing Refinitiv Benchmarks over the London 4pm Fix – something he confesses to not have even considered in the past, and then gives his thoughts on a small, but potentially important change at CME Group on its FX Link service.

He is then joined by Rashid Hoosenally, co-founder of Lacero, to talk data, APIs and compliance – but from a very different perspective. With data volumes continuing to soar, and the scrutiny of how data is handled increasing commensurately, Hoosenally shares his concept of the policy engine, on distributed ledger technology (DLT). It is not only about data, however, for the control of API keys, automation of the “four eyes” rule and building security in a dispersed workforce environment are all part of the discussion

Hoosenally has some pretty dramatic numbers to highlight the potential scale of the problem facing financial institutions as he discusses with Lambert yet another potential crossover from the crypto world to fiat, before a stimulating conversation ends with Lambert asking, “is this a machine learning application or an app to manage machine learning?”

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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