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In the latest edition of Profit & Loss‘ podcast series, In the FICC of It, managing editor Colin Lambert and editor Galen Stops discuss some of the news stories that have hit the headlines over the past week. They discuss the surprising departure of Fastmatch CEO Dmitri Galinov, the drivers of latest deal in the FX trading platform world and the challenges and opportunities facing the CTA industry. They close out with a few quick thoughts on the first anniversary of the FX Global Code and as you would expect, they are “off message”!

In case you missed some of the original coverage from the week, you can catch up here:

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Profit & Loss | News: Buy Side: Trend Followers Drive CTA Losses in May

Profit & Loss | News: Market Talk: JPM Research Looks into FX Trading Behaviour Around Events

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Galen Stops

Galen Stops