Ideal Prediction Adds NLP Capabilities

Trading analysis and data science company Ideal Prediction has announced the addition of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to its automated analytics services.

By incorporating NLP with machine learning, the firm says its service empowers clients to create and visualise new analytical graphs in real-time with no coding knowledge.

Prior to NLP, all potential cases required programming, offering only a prescriptive set of limited analytics. By adding NLP, Ideal Prediction says it enables clients to visualise and analyse calculations beyond those available in an out-of-the-box user interface. It adds that NLP provides a flexible structure, with which clients can define for themselves what they want to visualise, creating a fully self-customisable monitoring service.

“Analysing data using NLP and machine learning is incredibly difficult to achieve, because of the almost limitless combination of words and analytical outputs, but it is incredibly powerful,” says John Crouch, founder and CEO of Ideal Prediction. “Clients are really pleased with this new functionality, as they are able to immediately create bespoke analytical visualisations, simply and easily, with no development queue.”

Ideal Prediction announced the launch of Scope in February 2019. The service automatically monitors order and trade activity, evidencing that humans and algorithms adhere to governance and risk controls, specifically in line with the principles of the FX Global Code.

Colin Lambert

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