Huge Social Security Increase Coming in 2023: How Much Will Your Check Be?

Huge Social Security Increase Coming in 2023 How Much Will Your Check Be

A new year is here! And there is a  hike in COLA, the Cost of Living Adjustment will be increased to 8.7% in the coming year. That means the retirees can get $1827 from January and it is declared in the last October. Apart from Social Security costs, Cost of Living Adjustment is added to the Primary Insurance Amount. The social security cost is approved for all retirees and PIA, Primary Insurance Amount will be provided along with the social security cost. For those who have retired earlier the increase of monthly funds will be lower than for those who completed, the allowed or maximum service. 

Could You Get an Earlier Notification?

From January of 2023, you can get the uplifted amount of Social Security fund of Cost of Living Adjustment and you could know it by January. If you want to know it earlier, you can check the notice that is sent by the Social Security Administration of Cost of Living Adjustment. You can check it now with your Social Security online account. The message center will deliver you the complete details. Please make sure that you chose courtesy notifications and it will surely notify you. If someone says any payment for knowing the updates of Cost of Living Adjustment, it is not legitimate. The authority is completely controlled by the government and all services are totally free. 

COLA- Definition and Purpose

COLA is Cost of Living Adjustment and it guarantees to purchase capacity of social security and Supplemental Security Income. It is calculated by analyzing the increase in the percentage of customer Price Index in the urban area wagers and also for those who are in the posts of clerks (CPI-W). So this could be compared in each term and beneficial for all retirees who can keep the income with managing the expenses. 

Huge Social Security Increase Coming in 2023 How Much Will Your Check Be

How can I know my amount of Cost of Living Adjustment?

As per the calculations by the experts, it is reported that each retiree could get approximately near to 150 dollars each month. The Cost of Living Adjustment is increased considerably after decades and it is mainly due to the total inflations and to control the upcoming financial tensions. Those who have with higher amount of living costs cannot be controlled through Cost of Living Adjustment, but, can be relaxed or sorted out a little bit. 

Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP said that the guaranteed benefits by Cost of Living Adjustment are a crucial decision by the authorities and the impact is more in the situation of inflations. Also, she added that there are many older citizens in the US struggling a lot to cope with these situations. 

When will the renewed COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) be reflected in the account?

Cost of Living Adjustment will be reflected for those retirees as it is done in the past. It is mainly according to your birthday. Usually, the COLA is moved for rightful accounts at the time of Wednesdays. If you have birthday date is between 1-10, you will get the amount on the second Wednesday of January. That means you will get it by the 11th of January. And just like this, those with birthday dates till 20, will get the third Wednesday and the rest will get it within 4th Wednesday of January. 

According to officials, and experts like Josh Gordon expressed that, there will be a huge change that can be happened with this trend of increased Cost of Living Adjustment. Also, this is a critical scenario of huge inflation in four decades of American and World history. 


This article was all about the increase in the percentage of Social Security on the peak after 1981-1982. And it is mainly happening due to the record financial instabilities around the states. There were campaigns, polls, and surveys run by the Motley Fool recently, and the results showed that the rate should be more than 8.7% according to the current situation.

And according to many reports, more than 90% of senior American citizens who are above 65, their main source of income is the Social Security fund. So it is as important for the healthy movement of the finance and life of those senior retirees. Beware of fraudulent as well as scammers who offer any help regarding the Cost of Living Adjustment or Social Security and all the services by the government are free. 

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