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Hotspot Total Volume Up in February

Knight Capital’s Hotspot FX platform has reported that total volume increased by 56.8% year-on-year to $1.08 trillion in February – the second consecutive month that Hotspot’s total volume has exceeded $1 trillion.

While total volume increased for the month, average daily volume declined 2.3% versus January figures to $54.3 billion.

February’s volume percentages by time zone also shifted from January. Both the Americas and Europe experienced a slight dip in trading from 41.2% to 40.2% and 49.5% to 49% respectively, while Asia’s volumes were up from 9.28% to 10.85%.

Hotspot reports volume data on an absolute basis, compared to the “single count” method used by other platforms, meaning its average daily volume in normally accepted terms is about half that reported.

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