Hedge Funds, CTAs, Suffer in September, Currency Traders Up: BarclayHedge

After a good run of results, hedge funds and CTAs turned in negative performances in September according to BarclayHedge indices published this week.

The Barclay CTA Index was down 0.85% for the month, but remains in positive territory for the year at +1.9%. Currency traders were a rare beacon of positivity in the sub-indices, producing a 0.57% return, just shy of best performer, agricultural traders at +0.61%. Elsewhere, financials and metals traders scrapped a 0.02% return for the month, for everyone else it was red ink.

Worst performer in September, and continuing the emotional rollercoaster that is the Cryptocurrency Traders Index, these firms were down 10.4% for the month, the index remains, however, easily the best performing for the year-to-date at +62.41%

For the year-to-date, all BarclayHedge CTA sub-indices are in positive territory – currency traders are second best performer at +5.4% – except for, ironically, the MPI Barclay Elite Systematic Traders Index which is now down 5.02% for the year having leaked another 1.47% in September.

The firms BTOP 50 Index was down 1.41% in September.

The Barclay Hedge Fund Index was -0.63% in September, for 1.75% up on the year, Merger Arbitrage funds were best performers at +1.14%, while at the other end of the scale the apparently perennially challenged Emerging Market Latin American Equities Index dropped 3.49% on the month for a -16.86% year-to-date return. Best performer year-to-date of the hedge fund indices is the Technology Index at +14.92, this in spite of a 1.34% drop in September.


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