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Hedge Fund Index Down in March

The CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index, the index jointly composed by Credit Suisse First Boston and Tremont Advisers, is down in March at -0.3%, its second consecutive negative month.

“Alternative investment strategies are providing investors with a safe harbour during stormy market conditions,” says Roland Lorenzo, president and COO of the CSFB/Tremont Index. “Hedge fund investors enjoyed smooth sailing compared with the harsh losses suffered by traditional, long-only portfolios.”

The performance range during March for the nine style-driven sub-indices was between +4.9% and -1.9%, tighter than during February, which fluctuated between a performance high of +8.3% and -2.9%. The best performance in March came from the Managed Futures sub-index, at +4.9%, followed by Dedicated Short Bias at +4.0%. The weakest performance came from Long/Short Equity at -1.9%.

The index is comprised of 334 funds, and is constructed using a database of more than 2,600 hedge funds. It has returned 131% for the 87 months since inception.

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