Gresham Technologies has announced the acquisition of Capital Markets data automation specialist, Inforalgo Information Technology.

Inforalgo offers, cloud-hosted, STP solutions and automation technologies for financial institutions, which enables customers to benefit from having their complex real-time connectivity delivered as an automated service.

The acquisition of Inforalgo extends Gresham’s Clareti portfolio of cloud services with over 80 adaptors enabling integration to exchanges, ECN’s and multi-lateral trading facilities, and regulatory reporting venues alongside existing Clareti bank integration and financial messaging capabilities.

Inforalgo solutions are already used by firms to navigate complex regulatory reporting requirements, such as FINRA Trace, Consolidated Audit Trail and MiFID. Integration of the Inforalgo service with Gresham’s Clareti Transaction Control offering will enable firms to benefit from complete end-to-end control of their reporting including data ingestion and transformation, reconciliation, validation, real-time submission and exception management capabilities.

“This acquisition fits with our strategy of extending the range of connectivity, reconciliation and control services available to our customers,” says Ian Manocha, Gresham CEO. “Against the current backdrop of market uncertainty, the whole industry is calling out for more flexible, service-based approaches to regulatory reporting in order to bring down the costs and better manage complexity.”

Phil Flood, chief commercial officer, Inforalgo, adds, “Financial markets are experiencing rising levels of regulatory reporting as well as demands to increase the speed of reporting itself. Operating manual processes in such a digital world makes no sense – you need a clear picture of trading activity and performance in real-time to fully understand all data points and spot risks and opportunities.”

Colin Lambert

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