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Gold-i Launches Position Keeper Tool

Retail trading systems integrator Gold-i has developed a management tool for brokers, the Gold-i Position Keeper.

The tool is a customisable dashboard which helps MetaTrader brokers to understand their exposure to the market on a real time basis. The Gold-i Position Keeper displays information on profit and loss, settlement prices, market prices for each currency pair, current client and covered positions and realised/unrealised profits in real time, all open and closed positions, running profit for individual trades and exposure for each currency.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i, says, “Larger brokers have only been able to access this information by building expensive back office systems. Now, with the Gold-i Position Keeper, all MetaTrader users can have access to the same level of management information.”

In other developments, Gold-i has linked with Danish company, Conzoo Systems, which has operated in the capital markets for over 10 years. Conzoo will take on responsibility for sales, installation and ongoing support for Gold-i clients in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Germany.

It will also provide access to the Gold-i portfolio including the low latency product, Gold-i Gate Bridge, which connects brokers to external liquidity providers.

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