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Gold-i Adds Multi-MAM to MetaTrader4

Gold-I, the UK supplier of the MetaTrader retail FX trading platform, has upgraded its Multiple Allocation Manager (MAM) with the launch of the Gold-i Multi-MAM, a new addition to MetaTrader4. Multi-MAM allocates trades from any number of master accounts to any number of sub-accounts, in real-time automatically.

The Gold-i Multi-MAM works entirely in the MetaTrader server and will work with any method of trade generation including manual trading, expert advisors (EA) trading, mobile trading and trading by the Gold-i Gate Bridge or other bridges.

Whenever deposits or withdrawals are made into the client accounts, these are reflected in the relevant master account.

The advanced functions of the Gold-i Multi-MAM allow the removal of accounts from the allocation group without closing any master trades or restarting the MetaTrader server.

Other new areas of functionality include six allocation rules: “Even”, which distributes the trade volume evenly over all accounts; “Equity”, which distributes the trade volume by equity share of the total equity in the client group; and “Balance”, which distributes the trade volume by balance share of the total balance in the client group.

In addition, “Cash Equity” will not create trades in the sub-accounts but will allocate an equity share of the P&L of the master trade when it is closed. The “Cash Balance” tool will allocate a balance share of the P&L of the master trade when it is closed and “Cash Even” will allocate an even share of the P&L of the master trade when it is closed.

Gold-I says other functionality includes an exclusion list to easily exclude certain clients from an allocation group, and the optional use of an overflow account, although if the overflow account is not used, unallocated volume can be distributed evenly between all clients.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i says, “The Gold-i Multi-MAM supports up to 512 allocation groups per Multi-MAM installation and addresses a gap in the market for a powerful post-trade allocation tool. This latest addition to the Gold-i suite of bolt-on products is already proving to be of great interest to a wide range of organisations, all recognising the role of the Gold-i Multi-MAM in increasing efficiencies and minimising risk.”

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