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GNI Releases Enhanced Internet Dealing System

Online principal brokers GNI, a division of the Gerrard Group, have released a new version of its Internet dealing system, GNI Dealing Room. The new version offers all the conveniences of a modern day dealing room, with prices available in all the tradable currencies covering everything from cash spot, forwards, options, NDFs and futures.

The in-house developed system carries real-time market prices (including continually updated daily highs/lows) and news from AFX, which is provided by Internet specialists Infotec. The service also carries two charting packages that are available for intermediate or advanced users. History dates back as much as 15 years or further in many instruments.

After downloading the application from the Internet, which takes just about three to five minutes, users can customise their browser to run the program, explains Steve Pryor, GNI’s associate director who helped develop the push technology with colleague Marcus Cumberland and GNI’s IT team in London.

The service represents a complete upgrade from the previous system, which only provided a price feed and chat function. In addition to the live prices, charting, news, alerts, research and chat facility, has a portfolio management function, where users will soon be able to access their intraday positions in real-time with the click of a button. Third party services can also be bolted on as extras.

GNI brokers can send news and rumours about flow and market information that will flash on the screens of users that are logged on. And users have the option to deal over the telephone or the Internet.

The service isn’t confined to currencies, it also covers futures and equity products. A service called GNI Live encompasses the three products – futures, equities & FX.

The minimum deal size is $500,000, so GNI’s customers are broad-based, covering small and medium sized corporates, high net-worth individuals, CTAs and fund managers, and even some small banks. GNI acts as market maker to its clients, so there is no commission charge. Customers are allowed to deal on a pre-agreed percentage of margin.

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