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GFT Links with McElhannon

Futures commission merchant, Global Forex Trading (GFT), has partnered with research and consulting group, McElhannon Group, to offer what it terms a new “institutional quality forex trading signals program”, called InciteFX.

GFT says that each trading signal suggests a forex market position or several within a given time period and is delivered directly to traders using GFT’s DealBook FX 2 trading software. InciteFX features buy/sell and stop-loss signals that concentrate on three specific currency pairs at two intervals per day. At specific times of the day, traders simply login into DealBook FX and use the analytics feature to enter the information contained in the trading table, the company says.


The program uses a floating three-cross-trade-per-day strategy developed by leading commodity trading advisor, Philip Worley, which has provided institutional forex research and consulting for over 30 years. Worley is the founder of McElhannon Group.­

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