GFI Re-Opens Tokyo Office with G10 FX Swaps Desk

BGC Group’s GFI has re-established a presence in Japan with the opening of a new office by GFI Group (Japan).

The business is being spearheaded by the establishment of a G10 forward FX desk focusing on Yen as well EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, NZD, CAD and other forwards to service its Japanese and international clients.

The form says the re-establishment of a Japan office further strengthens its existing forward FX businesses in Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore providing clients with coverage across all markets in the Asia Pacific region, further supported by GFI’s offices in London and New York.

“With re-establishing the GFI brand in Japan and the re-opening of our Tokyo office, GFI is making a long term commitment to Japanese financial markets,” says Brad Howell, CEO of GFI Asia Pacific. “We believe Japan is a key strategic growth area for GFI in the Asia Pacific regions. We are very excited about the opportunity, especially launching a core product like forward FX which is a staple of financial markets and the real economy alike.”

Colin Lambert

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