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Gain Capital Buys New Patent and Software Assets

Gain Capital acquired patent and software assets from Valaquenta and Forexster via its subsidiary GTX Bermuda on 10 July, a SEC filing shows.

The company paid $12.4 million to Valaquenta Intellectual Properties for a patent granted in 2003.

To enable it to acquire Forexster, Gain issued a total of 861,935 in common shares.

Under the terms of the deal, Gain Capital now has the exclusive rights to the software and the Valaquenta intellectual properties patent for Forex trading, as well as non-exclusive rights for transacting financial instruments linked to hydrocarbons, precious metals and commodities.

GTX Bermuda, in its deal with Valaquenta, will pay a further contingent payment should GTX Bermuda or related partners give its customers the tools to deal in new categories of financial instruments while using the acquired patent, though this will depend if a certain undisclosed net revenue level is attained.

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