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FXStreet Unveils Currencies Signal-Based News Feed

FXStreet has launched Algo Rythms, a signal-based news feed for
over 30 currency pairs
, developed in collaboration with FinTech
start-up Qubitia Solutions.

Working to what it terms “the strictest CMT guidelines”, FXStreet has composed
around 100 market scenario signals
and applied them over 30 currency pairs, representing a total of 3
000 strategies
running at the same time. When a specific technical set-up is found, a signal
is created and thoroughly back tested.


Once a signal is triggered on Qubitia’s Qcaid platform, an automated text specific
to the market scenario
is generated in 17 languages

and posted into FXStreet’s news feeds.

“Working closely with Qubitia, we plan to
continuously add hundreds of new signals, markets and asset classes

and will expand into inter market analysis and index construction too,” says
Gonçalo Moreira, CMT and research expert at FXStreet and co-developer of the
new service.  Twitter @Profit_and_Loss

Nick Cawley

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