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FXall Releases Slew of Enhancements

FXall, the multi-contributor FX portal, has launched a number of enhancements, including updates to its research offering, including a cross-border flow tool, as well as a new treasury centre function.

The research site now offers a calendar tool with economic data releases for 40 countries, the ability to view market holidays in “virtually any currency pair”, and access to the Bank of New York’s proprietary global capital flows research tool, Interactive Portfolio Flow Monitor (iPFM).

Launched in 2001, iPFM is an interactive Web-based tool that provides real-time illustrations of cross-border capital flows, categorised by investment class, that can be mapped against published market data, such as FX rates, equity market indices and fixed income benchmark issues. All data is updated daily, and provides access to the proprietary data representing the changes made by iPFM clients worldwide. BoNY administers $6.4 trillion in assets, the largest pool held by a single service provider.

Phil Weisberg, CEO of FXall, says, “The Bank of New York’s iPFM research tool provides our clients with an exclusive, innovative service that delivers significant real-time information on global cross-border capital flows.”

Jorge Rodriguez, SVP and head of global market sales, FX, at BoNY, adds, “As the leading provider of investor services, The Bank of New York is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the analysis of the global capital flows we see. Extending access of iPFM to all FXall users allows them to make better informed trading decisions based on global capital flows information unparalleled from any other source.”

The portal also announced the release of FXall Treasury Center, which allows the central treasury function in corporations to aggregate internal trades, as well as to fully automate their quote process to those internal clients. The Treasury Center tool therefore extends to the corporate world, the functionality already available to banks on the system.

It consists of two elements, Corporate Dealer and Bank Dealer, both of which can be accessed by corporate treasurers that trade on FXall. Corporate Dealer allows internal clients to submit deal requirements to the central treasury. These deals can then either be aggregated by the central treasury or forwarded directly to an external counterparty for execution. Bank Dealer allows the central treasury function to automate its price making to internal clients. The latter, regardless of whether they use Treasury Center, will have access to the FXall research portal.

“FXall’s central proposition is to provide banks and customers alike with the most comprehensive functionality in the marketplace,” Weisberg says. “We are doing this by extending the benefits of fully automated trading to all participants. The greatest efficiencies for the greatest number of participants are at the very heart of FXall’s offering.”

Separately, FXall has chosen Netegrity’s SiteMinder platform to ensure the integrity of trades whilst providing a single sign-on across all FXall portal services. FXall will also use Netegrity’s Delegated Management Services technology which delegates user administration to customers.

FXall also announced that Heliograph’s Helio Message Broker and Helio TradeFlow products are being implemented to expand post-processing technology for FXall’s clients.

Helio Message Broker allows routing to multiple destinations, based on rules with limitless complexity, and supporting all industry standards. Helio TradeFlow combines a matching engine, electronic trade confirmation and electronic trade settlement components to form a complete STP solution.

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