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FX Options Streaming Added to KACE Platform

KACE, a division of Fenics Software, has released an update of its kACE Pro platform that will enable clients to stream FX options prices to internal and external clients, singledealer platforms, execution venues and third party platforms.

Richard Brunt, managing director, comments: “This new release allows our clients to stream FX options prices to internal users, sales teams, wealth managers, or directly to their clients. Our agnostic approach to front-end users means that our clients can distribute their prices via a wide range of channels and venues using a single kACE pricing and dealing engine. We have already successfully deployed this new release with several existing and new clients in Europe and have a strong pipeline to continue this rollout globally in the first quarter of 2019.”

John Crisp, director of product strategy, adds: “Streaming prices enable our clients to offer tighter spreads to their clients, backed by bespoke dealing logic. We have also added automated hedging functionality that sends the delta hedge ticket directly to the cash trading platform, minimising quoting risk and reducing hedging costs and operational inefficiencies. This streaming works in conjunction with our price-spreading functionality that enables users to programmatically tier prices for different customer profiles. This empowers sales users to electronically quote tradable prices to their clients.”

The new functionality will be available to all existing clients.

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