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Forts Reports New Volume Record for EUR/USD

Forts, the derivatives section of Moscow’s Russian Trading System stock exchange, reported record trading volume in the EUR/USD futures contract on 17 February.

By the end of the main session the trading volume in the currency pair reached 142,565 contracts, or over $1.8 billion in money terms. The previous record was set on 12 February with the trading volume in the EUR/USD contract hitting 81,273 contracts or over $1 billion in money terms.

The EUR/USD futures contract was introduced earlier this month along with EUR/RUB futures and is based on the currency rates established by the European Central Bank.

Solid interest in the new FX contracts is a sign of a well-timed launch in response to market needs, RTS officials say. In active global currency markets most investors turn to new defensive mechanisms while stalling equity markets make both speculators and arbitrage players explore new instruments.

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