FlexTrade Connects to BestX

FlexTrade has announced it has integrated with BestX to provide its FlexTraderEMS clients with access to the latter’s FX trade analytics solution.

With a fully interactive interface, users can use BestX to analyse their FX executions in real-time, delivering transparency to enable better decision making whilst meeting the needs of MiFID II compliance for FX trading, the firms say. Every FX trade made within FlexTrader can be transferred live to BestX where users can analyse their performance in real-time. Using the BestX cloud-based application, clients can run the full suite of BestX analytics on a single trade or across their entire portfolio. 

Under MiFID II, firms are required to take “all sufficient steps” to achieve best execution for their clients in a manner which is provable and transparent, whilst considering a variety of execution factors. BestX facilitates a transparent solution for these buy-side requirements through a range of automated and customisable reporting for compliance departments, regulators, asset owners and counter-party reviews, as well as ad-hoc reporting issued by portfolio/trader/currency/value.

“With MiFID II legislation now in full effect, clients are focused on ensuring that meeting regulatory requirement doesn’t create additional work for the trading desk,” says Marek Lewandowski, FX sales director at FlexTrade UK. “FlexTrader’s latest integration with BestX helps clients to ensure they are working to achieve best execution without disrupting their workflow.”



Colin Lambert

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