Firms Launch FX Consulting Service

Institutional FX
Advisory Partners (IFXAP) is partnering with ITG Analytics to bring the
latter’s FX TCA product to middle-tier asset managers and pension funds in

The new consultancy
service will review the complete FX transaction lifecycle to ensure an
efficient and transparent process, and, the firms say, seek to minimise cost
and risk and maximise portfolio performance.

The consultancy covers
the entire FX trade lifecycle, including use of third-party trading platforms,
data delivery and connectivity, assessment of pricing and service provided by
FX dealers, evaluation of front and back office process efficiency, and
monitoring of execution costs using ITG’s FX TCA.

“This unique
combination brings together the depth of knowledge and experience of IFXAP’s
specialist FX consultancy services with the breadth and flexibility of ITG’s FX
analytics to deliver practical solutions to the many challenges asset managers
and financial institutions currently face,” says Henry Wilkes, Founding Partner
at Institutional FX Advisory Partners.

Kevin O’Connor,
managing director at ITG Analytics, adds, “This arrangement demonstrates the
power and flexibility of FX TCA, which is built on the industry’s largest
database of foreign exchange transactions.”

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Colin Lambert

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