FiREapps Expands Software Beyond FX Risk

FiREapps, a firm that provides technology to corporates that enables them to automate the analysis and management of currency data and exposures, has expanded its software offering from currency risk management to enterprise currency management (ECM).

ECM solutions enable treasury and finance professionals to assess, mitigate and report currency impacts on corporate financial statements and results.

But FiREapps says that what is more important than this is that the latest ECM solutions give financial planning and analysis (FP&A), supply chain and other finance professionals access to a common currency data platform that can be used to help avoid currency impacts, set and manage expectations of how currencies impact the business and make it easier to quickly and confidently answer currency-related questions from stakeholders.

“This evolution of our software category expands on FiREapps’ fundamental and proven strength in aggregating and providing accurate, complete and timely data,” says FiREapps CEO, Wolfgang Koester. “We continue to work with our amazing and insightful customers to evolve with and support them by continuing to add value in new and innovative ways. With ECM solutions, organisations can manage currency exposure more effectively and support the needs of FP&A and supply chain teams in managing expectations or using currency data in making more informed operational decisions.”

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