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Fenics Launches New Market Data Package

Fenics Market Data (Fenics MD), has launched a new FX data package, FMD FX, which it claims will be one of the most comprehensive data packages commercially available for FX pricing.

The new package will include over 46,000 new FX records comprising 350+ currency pairs in spot, forwards and NDFs, which the firm says complements the 120 FX options currency pairs already available from Fenics MD. The firm says that this additional data will enable both buy side and sell side market participants to comprehensively value and price their FX risk in real-time, increasing efficiency and reducing operational risk.

“Fenics MD is committed to offering financial data with the most comprehensive coverage, highest quality and widest distribution options. Having access to real-time market places allows us to verify and calibrate our data in real time, to produce complete and accurate pricing for all points on the curve across the broadest range of currency pairs,” says Matt Woodhams, senior managing director at Fenics MD. “Mixing traditional financial analytics with the latest data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, Fenics MD is taking the FX market data business to the next level. Clients have unprecedented FX market data coverage.”

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