Contracts For Differences: A Coming of Age?

By Chris Dunne, Reuters Limited According to most estimates available in the market today, only about 10% of the total volume of FX trading is transacted specifically for the delivery of a currency. This leaves the vast majority of FX trading in the speculative arena, where actual delivery is not only inconvenient but also expensive […]
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Higher Order Greeks – Volatility of Volatility

By Martin Gymer, FX Derivative Consultants The quickest way to interrupt the flow of an articulate, intelligent, Exotic Option Trader is to ask them about the higher order Greeks. Most are programmed to politely or otherwise immediately change the conversation to a more agreeable topic. The higher order Greeks certainly hold the key to understanding […]
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By Gene Frieda, 4Cast The speed with which Brazil has staved off a devaluation-driven inflation spiral and domestic debt default has confounded the sceptics. Before Argentina stepped in the way, debt spreads had approached pre-Russian crisis levels barely two months after the Real looked on the verge of an untimely death. However, there are some […]
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Swiss National Bank Gets Leverage from Repos

By Michael Wallace, Standard & Poor’s MMS The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is quickly moving down the path of turning monetary policy from an art into a science. Since the beginning of the year, the SNB has been quietly reforming and modernising its policy arsenal into one of the most efficient and transparent systems of […]
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