A Closer Look at: Pre-Trade Analytics

Marek Robertson, Managing Director, head of eFX sales at Barclays, discusses the role of pre-trade analytics within the banks’ e-FX platform Barx. Profit & Loss: What do clients want from a pre-trade analytics suite? MR: The concerns from clients are that liquidity is becoming more scarce, that it will continue to be fragmented, so they […]
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A Closer Look at: Leveraging Technology Across Asset Classes

David Wright, global head of FXEM electronic distribution at Morgan Stanley, talks about how his firm is using tools and technologies from its equities franchise to help it solve challenges in the FX market.  Profit & Loss: How have you been able to leverage Morgan Stanley’s equity franchise to help the development of your e-FX […]
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A Closer Look at: Mobile Trading

?David O’Byrne, director, FX global product head – Citi Velocity, talks about Citi’s mobile offering and details his expectations for the growth of mobile trading. Profit & Loss: So how would you say that your mobile offering differentiates itself from others in the market? David O’Byrne: As a first mover in this space our approach to […]
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A Closer Look at: Emerging Markets FX

David Wilkins, head of e-FX sales for EMEA and Asia at Goldman Sachs, discusses the growth of electronic EMFX trading on single bank platforms. Profit & Loss: In recent years we’ve seen more and more EMFX business go electronic. Is the speed at which this market is going electronic growing? David Wilkins: Certainly amongst our client […]
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360T: More Than Just a Corporate Platform

Matt O’Hara, CEO for the Americas at 360T, talks to Galen Stops about the future of multibank trading platforms, building a business in developing markets and why 360T is more than just a platform for corporates. Galen Stops: When you joined 360T as CEO for the Americas earlier this year, was there anything about the […]
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GTS’s Ari Rubenstein: A New Breed of Cat

Ari Rubenstein, co-founder and CEO of Global Trading Systems, talks about the market maker’s move into the FX space, why he’s excited about regulation, and how he’s positioning GTS to be a different breed of high-speed trading firm. Julie Ros: You have both trading and technology business lines– can you tell me about these? Ari […]
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FXCM’s CEO Drew Niv talks to Galen Stops about his growth plans for FXCM and why the retail FX market is changing irrevocably.  Galen Stops: As a business, where does FXCM stand now? Drew Niv: Right now 75% is our core retail business and 25% is institutional. Of the 75% that’s retail, half of that […]
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Record Currency Management’s James Wood-Collins: CLIENT FOCUS

James Wood-Collins, CEO of Record Currency Management, talks to Colin Lambert about the benefits of scale, experience and a strong client focus.  Colin Lambert: Record Currency Management is a long- established currency manager, how has the firm developed to get where it is today? James Wood-Collins: Neil Record established the firm 30 years ago as […]
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BAML Launches New FXPB Platform

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is launching a new FX prime brokerage front-end on its Mercury FX trading platform. Profit & Loss speaks with Peter Klein, global head of FX PB and FX clearing, about the new offering. Profit & Loss: Since you joined the business, what have been the major changes to the FX […]
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