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Exegy to Offer CME Normalised Data

Exegy announces the availability of low-latency, normalised market data from the CME through its new Data Port point of presence in the Aurora, Illinois co-location data centre.

Data Port offers à la carte connections to pairs of Exegy hardware-accelerated appliances that process direct market data feeds in the major co-location data centres for global financial markets.

In addition to the new point-of-presence in the CME co-location data centre, Data Port is available in Secaucus, New Jersey, for US equities and options feeds, and London and Frankfurt for European equities and commodities feeds.

“A simple cross-connect to Exegy Data Port delivers a co-located, direct feed experience at a consolidated feed price point. This is an incredible value that enables firms to quickly deploy latency-sensitive trading strategies at a fraction of the cost of building the infrastructure themselves,” says Robert Anderson, director of sales for Exegy hosted and data solutions.

Exegy has partnered with Fixnetix to establish the new Data Port point-of-presence in Aurora. Fixnetix supplies market data feed connectivity and hosting for fifth generation Exegy Ticker Plant appliances. Customer applications connect to the Data Port service via RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) or TCP/IP via a local network cross-connect.

Exegy says that it launched the new CME Data Port offering in response to demand from firms that operate the leading derivative market making, proprietary trading and agency execution businesses.

“Firms are searching for a fast, turnkey solution for their future and derivative market data needs. Data Port hits the mark with normalized, consistent, single-digit, microsecond latencies, bundled feed access and equipment hosting, and the backing of the best managed services team in the business,” adds Anderson.

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