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Forex Network New York 2017

May 25th 2017


Forex Network New York 2017

Crowne Plaza Hotel Times Square,

1605 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019

New York City

United States

Contact: Cindy Jiang, Email:, Phone: +44 20 73820335

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Delegate: US$600
Non-Exhibiting Vendor: US$1500
Free to attend for the buy-side

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The definition of “Buy side” firms means end user clients (ie, investing institutions such as mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, CTAs, asset managers, and corporates). Buy side firms may have investors as clients, but have no trading clients. Technology, platform and service providers of any type, including broker-dealers, liquidity down-streamers and prime of primes that may be clients of other firms but have trading clients of their own, do not fall into the definition of “buy side” firms.

8:00-9:00    Registration & Coffee

9:00-9:15    FX Global Code Introduction by James Bergin, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

9:15-10:15   Panel 1: What You Need to Know: The FX Global Code

The FX Global Code of Conduct goes live the day of Forex Network New York. How will it be implemented by practitioners and what are the ongoing demands of service providers? Will the impact be upon traders' willingness to take risk as well as their pricing to clients? 

This panel will also consider:

  • What do the adherence mechanisms look like?
  • Have questions around Last Look been addressed?
  • How will compliance be determined?
  • What are the practicalities around implementation?
  • How will firms meld the Global Code with their own, internal Codes of Conduct?
  • Should there be a “register of offenders” for those that violate tenets of the Code?
  • Will banks free up their traders to take risk again?


John Cooley, Head of FX Buy Side Trading, Thomson Reuters
Jim Iorio, Global Head of Sales, NEX Markets
Chip Lowry, Senior Managing Director, State Street Global Markets; Chairman, Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA)
David Mercer, CEO, LMAX Exchange
Lisa Shemie, Associate General Counsel, Hotspot
Philip Weisberg, Market Participants Group (MPG), Global Code

10:15-10:45    Coffee Break - Sponsored by ParFX

10:45-11:00    BURST:  "Externalising Liquidity"
                        Presented by Paul Aston, CEO, Tixall Global Advisors

After years of increasing rates of internalising flow amongst the banking sector, talk lately is turning to externalisation of liquidity as market makers get more and more diverse. This is leading to less flow being internalised and risk being constrained.

11:00-11:45    Panel 2: Where’s the Market?

As events on the geopolitical stage unfold, uncertainty continues around market structure and regulations are reconsidered, are Flash Moves going to become the new normal? Will market makers stay in during volatile times or step out en masse, exacerbating flash moves? Has genuine liquidity all but disappeared?

This panel will also consider:

  • Can resting orders and non-directional flow help alleviate liquidity gaps?
  • Can these moves be slowed with bids or offers?
  • Can last look pricing be handled differently?

Dmitri Galinov, CEO, FastMatch
Maria Prata, MD, FX e-Commerce, Deutsche Bank
Connor Price, Executive Director, JP Morgan
Greg Wood, SVP, Global Industry Operations & Technology, FIA 

12:00-1:30  FoXy’s Readers’ Choice Awards & Profit & Loss Hall of Fame Lunch

1:30-2:00    P&L's Peer2Peer Interview: "Deconstructing Chaos: Insights from Washington", with Justin Slaughter, Chief Policy Advisor & Special Counsel to Commissioner Sharon Bowen, CFTC, and Matthew Kulkin, Partner, Steptoe & Johnson

2:00-2:45    Panel 3: Blurred Lines: The New Face of Market Making

As regulations have restricted traditional bank risk taking and market making activities new players have stepped into the fold, but how is this impacting the FX market. Is technology allowing a wider range of liquidity providers to grab FX market share? How are credit constraints impacting both bank and non-bank market makers? As the boundary between bank and non-bank liquidity blurs, what does this mean for end users?

This panel will also consider:

  • Is G10 liquidity too commoditised to be profitable? How can liquidity providers add value to platforms and clients?
  • How do market makers reach new liquidity takers?
  • How should end users differentiate between different liquidity provision models?
  • What ancillary tools or services beyond tight prices do firms want from market makers?

Kevin Kimmel, Global Head of eFX, Citadel Securities
Steve Reich, Head of Liquidity Services, Global Trading Systems
Holden Sibley, Managing Director, Macro Distribution, Barclays
Dan Torrey, Global Head of FX e-Commerce Sales, Northern Trust

2:45-3:15    Coffee Break - Sponsored by ParFX

3:15-4:00    Panel 4: Structural Shifts

Will 2017 prove to be the year in which a structural shift occurs amongst trading venues? Will exchanges continue to add OTC platforms to their product suite? Will future FX trading venues exist in a combined futures/clearing/OTC structure? Would such a structure ease concerns about credit conditions?

This panel will also consider:

  • Are dark or mid-book matching pools the answer to thinning volumes on the major platforms?
  • Can such mechanisms reduce market impact, signaling risk and slippage?
  • Is the equities style All-to-All model a realistic ambition for FX?
  • What are the implications of speed to end users in the all-to-all model?
  • Do end users really want total transparency?
  • Should FX swaps move to a mid or dark pool model connected to a clearing house?
  • What can be done to ease access to the wholesale FX markets?

Craig LeVeille, Executive Director, FX Products, CME Group
Matt O'Hara, CEO - Americas, 360T
Dr. Petra Wikström, Global Head of Execution and Alpha Solutions, BNP Paribas

4:00-4:15    Break - Sponsored by ParFX

4:15-5:00    Panel 5: The Think-Tank: FinTech Fixes

With advances around data analytics, shared infrastructure, artificial intelligence and, of course, distributed ledger technology (DLT), FinTechs are more in vogue right now than ever before. But how specifically are FinTech firms likely to shape the future of the financial services industry, and what are the potential roadblocks and challenges that they, and the industry as a whole, will face as they attempt to implement these new technological solutions?

This panel will also consider:

  • How could the regulatory environment help or hinder FinTech firms?
  • What are the practical challenges for implementing FinTech solutions in regulated financial markets?
  • Can FinTech firms fundamentally change the economics of financial services?
  • What are the most promising FinTech tools coming to market right now?
  • Risks and opportunities presented by FinTech solutions
  • The role of regulation/regulators with regard to FinTech innovation and solutions

Jeffrey M. Bandman, FinTech Advisor, CFTC
Nick Solinger, President, FIA Tech
David Walker, Infinity Programme Manager, NEX Traiana
Rosario Ingargiola, Founder and CEO, OTCXN

5:00-7:00    Cocktail Reception

Event Programme

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