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Eris Expands its Standard Swaps Futures Complex

Eris Exchange has
expanded its flagship Eris Standard US Dollar Interest Rate Swap Futures

Following this launch,
which took place on January 11, Eris now offers three types of USD Standard
Interest Rate Swap Futures.

Eris says that its
product set is a response to demand from market participants and end-users for
futures products with OTC swap-like yield curve granularity. 

Eris claims that its
swap futures can now be used for more accurate hedging, curve trading, and
spreading against CME Group Treasury Futures, while providing the compliance,
execution and capital efficiency benefits inherent to standardised futures
trading and clearing.

“The Eris product
design is best in class – and this launch represents a quantum leap forward in
terms of extending the product to a wider set of structures that capture the
valuable flexibility previously only found in OTC swaps,” says John
Coleman, director of the fixed income group and senior vice president of RJ
O’Brien. “Now mortgage hedgers can better manage risk in the 12- to 15-year
points on the curve, banks can efficiently manage swap spread risk, and
insurance companies can address long-dated liabilities.”            Twitter: @Galen_Stops

Colin Lambert

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