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Emerging Markets Seminar Set for Shanghai

ACI – The Financial Markets Association will hold its second Emerging Markets Seminar in Shanghai from March 19-22. Ever since the inaugural seminar, held in Budapest in December 1996, ACI has been keen to follow it up with another, and in particular, to hold it in Asia.

ACI says it is pleased that ACI China has offered to host the upcoming event in Shanghai, as it views it as a perfect venue to discuss the issues that face emerging markets wherever they may be.

Many things have changed since the first seminar, both for developed as well as emerging markets and economies, and there are new threats and opportunities to judge.

• What are the right countries to invest in?

• What products can be bought or sold in them?

• How liquid are the markets?

• Who will be the market makers?

• What credit problems are likely to exist?

• What is the right regulatory background to promote new markets?

• How critical are the political issues?

Among many others, these are key questions for financial institutions to address as they plan for the future in emerging markets.

The seminar will be held over two and a half days in which delegates will hear from experts on various topics from different continents. Their presentations will be given between working breakout sessions in which the participants will be expected to discuss, elaborate on, and probably argue about how best emerging markets can cope with the challenges that face them in growing their economies and the role that financial markets play in that development.

David Clark, seminar chairman, says the critical requirement is that delegates come ready to participate in an active way in small groups and be part of the output of the seminar. That output will include answers to some questions, debate about other concerning issues and further questions regarding issues that the market does not yet know enough about.

ACI intends that what is learnt and exchanged between participants will be part of the roadmap of learning for traders, their institutions and those in authority planning to develop their financial sectors.

This occasion provides a unique opportunity to learn, share knowledge and help others, says Clark, who adds, “I hope you will join me in working hard (and having some fun!) in the interests of our industry and for the many millions of people who will benefit from more developed financial markets.”

The outline schedule and participating speakers are:

March 19th


18:00~20:00 Opening Cocktails

March 20th


08:30~12:00 Meeting

12:00~13:30 Lunch

13:30~18:00 Workshop

18:30~20:30 Dinner

March 21st


08:30~12:00 Workshop

12:00~13:30 Lunch

13:30~18:00 Workshop

19:00~21:00 Dinner

March 22nd


08:30~11:30 Meeting

11:30~14:00 Lunch

14:00 Half-day city tour

19:00 Closing dinner


A final list of speakers will be published in due course, but the organisers are expecting representatives from: The IMF; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Africa; Rating Agencies; The People’s Bank of China; Korea Center for International Finance; and International Fund Managers.

Prospective delegates can download a form from the main ACI website,

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