Editorial Policy

About the website

We assure you that it’s all you need to stay updated about the current crypto-market scenario. The site aims at providing the latest and most credible updates regarding bitcoin news, possible predictions regarding prices and values, exchange reviews, and the needed guidelines. 

The world of cryptocurrency can be pretty confusing to someone who is new to it. In order to counter this situation, here at Profit & Loss, we try to make it less confusing so that our customers can have a better understanding of the area and make profitable and sensible decisions about their crypto investments. In order to achieve this, we strictly abide by our editorial policy in all the content that is published on our website. 

  • Source of Information

One of the most critical factors that is taken into consideration while punishing a piece of information on our website is the source of the information. Our team tries their best to make sure that the information posted is true to the best of their knowledge and is based on credible data. 

The content posted will be checked by our editors, writers, and analysts, and special measures are taken to ensure that no false or misleading information is posted on our website. The published information will be based on authentic sources. 

  • Ownership of contents

While posting any type of content on our website, we make sure that the ownership of the content does not bear a problem. To ensure that, we try to produce original content through research and evaluation. But there are times when we will have to obtain information from other sources like other websites. It will be made sure that any such assistance will be posted only with credits to the original creator and we are strictly against the practice of plagiarism in any manner. 

  • Standard of Published contents

It will be made sure that the contents published on our website will be free of errors and that the facts are up-to-date and precise. The contents that are to be published will be made sure to be unbiased and not criticize or offend a person, an institution or establishment, or any community purposefully. Our team who oversees the content that we publish on the website includes individuals who are experts on different levels and the sources they gather the information from will be ensured to be diverse in order to get accurate information. 

  • Opinions and Facts

At times, the website will publish articles that can be mere opinions or suggestions from the respective writers. Those articles will be marked as such in order to avoid confusion caused to the customers. Even though such articles will be strictly based on credible information, it is not to be seen as facts but mere speculations of the author based on the market scenario, available information, and their knowledge in the field. 

  • Accountability

We also assure our customers that we are accountable for all the information that is posted on our website. If by any chance, any of the information published on our site is found to be false, it will be rectified in the shortest possible  time and if the situation demands any further explanation in the case, it will be made available without any further complications

  • Autonomy

As a firm that deals with topics that have major financial involvement, we make sure that the content published on our website is free from outside influences. Any type of influence, sponsorship, or collaboration that might benefit a particular brand or firm is strictly avoided. Our prime aim is to provide customers with content that is impartial, while strictly adhering to standard global media practices. 

  • Complaints and Feedback

We function under the complete realization that our readers are our prime concern and providing them with the most accurate and credible information is our prime aim. In order to achieve that, suggestions regarding the changes that the readers wish to see on our website are welcomed by our team. If the suggestion seems sensible and also is practical, efforts will be made to establish the change.

Just like suggestions, any complaints regarding the functions are also keenly looked forward to by our team so that it will be easy for us to rectify them and make them more user-friendly for our users.