Digital Reasoning Launches AI Surveillance Tool

Digital Reasoning has launched a new, AI-enabled voice analytics solution for voice communications monitoring in banks. Developed with input from its industry partners and customers, the firm claims it delivers market-leading transcription accuracy of financial domain audio data and seamless workflows that enable efficient scaling of audio monitoring coverage. Allied with the firm’s conduct surveillance solution, Digital Reasoning says it enables banks to achieve integrated surveillance that covers both voice and text communications data.

“Banks are under increasing regulatory pressure to improve monitoring of voice channels but need a solution that enables surveillance scope to be expanded with the same staffing,” says Brandon Carl, vice president of product management at Digital Reasoning. “Our proprietary solution uses advanced AI to deliver performance and efficiency. It improves signal-to-noise ratios and enhances the quality of alerts, and adds smart investigation tools that zero in on relevant audio data.”

The new solution offers integrated voice and text analytics that reduce analytics silos, enable more efficient workflows, and help banks make progress towards holistic surveillance. It also has a transcription engine, tuned to conduct surveillance applications, that the firm claims produces more accurate transcripts that improve the identification of risk and reduce false positives. It also comes with pre-trained and domain-specific language models, which are fully customisable using customer data to achieve accuracy. The firm adds it is scalable to enterprise populations and has multiple audio channels, adapts to English accents, and features pinpointing of alerted phrases to speed investigations.

The new solution “sounds out” each character to produce precision transcriptions, allowing complete conversations to be captured for semantic and contextual analysis, resulting in improved risk identification and reduced false positives. It also packages audio analytics capabilities with workflows and tooling that enable surveillance teams to dramatically upscale audio monitoring coverage without adding to numbers or workloads.

Colin Lambert

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