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DealHub Delivers 95% Compression

DealHub, a low latency, high volume foreign exchange trade monitoring solution owned by Option Computers, has been working with a number of tier one banks to produce a

solution for FX trade matching and aggregation, in order to address volume capacity issues.  


Compression testing of bank data for two trading days in May produced results for netting to pairs of trades and single trades, with extremely high compression rates, the company says. On one example day, for one branch, over 13,000 trades were compressed down to just 300 net trades.


Banks involved in the pilot are using the DealHub Matching and Aggregation Engines and front end applications to review real-time daily summary positions, unmatched and matched trades, component and net trades, investigation queues and exception screens.


Live parallel testing on inter-branch netting is also providing very good results, says DealHub, including real-time testing during the two recent very high volume days on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 August; the pilot is delivering proven compression levels in excess of 95%.

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