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Currenex Issued UK & US Patents

Currenex, the FX trading network and systems provider, has been issued two new patents, UK Patent # 2,379,063 entitled, Method and Apparatus for Foreign Exchange Execution Over a Network, issued on September 1, and US Patent # 6,807,635 B1 entitled, Using Digital Signatures to Validate Trading and Streamline Settlement of Financial Transaction Workflow, issued on October 19.

Currenex provides integration and proprietary systems that connect FX market makers with buy side customers for ESP (executable streaming pricing), RFS (request for stream), and benchmark trading.

Sean Gilman, Currenex’s CTO, says, “Technology has always been a key differentiator for Currenex. Unlike some of our competitors, we have not outsourced this key component. Instead, we continue to strengthen and grow our technology team.”

Clifford Lewis, Currenex’s CEO, adds, “Combining innovative technologies and great customer service has always been at the core of our offering. This announcement simply demonstrates our commitment to this goal. We have multiple patent applications pending and a broad intellectual property portfolio. We will continue to protect the value of our business through the patent process. This is just a small part of the value we offer our customers; both sell side and buy side.”

Sharon Pipe, a partner of TH Lee Putman Ventures, the majority shareholder of Currenex, says, “From its inception in 1999, Currenex has had a major focus on invention and technology to transform the foreign exchange buying process. The intellectual property they develop in serving their clients is a significant attraction for THLPV as an investor.”

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