Crypto Custodian Expands Connections

London-based Copper, a custodian for digital assets, says it has expanded its Walled Garden infrastructure and is now connected to the top 15 crypto exchanges, thus providing its customers with access to a larger liquidity pool.

The company says its trade and settlement volumes have increased 50% month-on-month, and that it has processed $500 million in its first three months in operation.

Copper’s infrastructure creates a unique Walled Garden for each client, connecting crypto funds and liquidity providers directly to their exchange accounts. The platform provides a single view of a client’s portfolio, while the inter-exchange custody eliminates the risk of internal fraud, the firm says, adding that using APIs, client assets are transferred inside the secure environment, supported by Copper’s multi-key cold storage, providing a safe off-exchange depository.

Exchanges must meet a threshold of security conditions before being eligible for integration, including permission-based API keys and whitelisting of wallet addresses, among others.

“We have first-hand knowledge of the needs of institutions,” claims Dmitry Tokarev, founder and CEO of Copper. “Our custody, trade and settlement infrastructure creates a Walled Garden environment tailored to each client, allowing serious investors to fully-engage with crypto markets in T0 time without having to worry about security or bad players.

“As our institutional customers have increasingly seen the benefits of using our trading and settlement infrastructure, we are very happy to be able to offer them access to the top 15 exchanges which allows them to engage with 96% of the crypto market,” he adds. “We pride ourselves on being able to offer funds and sophisticated investors market-leading security, as well as market-leading investment tools so they may work their capital harder and have peace of mind their assets are safe from bad actors.” 

Andy Cheung, head of operations of OKEx, adds, “We share the same core values with Copper – placing security and liquidity as the highest priority. We believe these are the two most important factors in building a healthy and sustainable market, either in traditional or crypto industry.”

Colin Lambert

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