Crux and Euronext Sign FX Data Deal

Crux Informatics has entered an agreement with Euronext FX to enable broad market delivery of the latter’s FX market data.

Crux is a cloud-based data delivery and operations platform that connects customers with data suppliers around the globe and will now enable any authorised data consumer to access Euronext FX market data through a number of data formats (Avro, CSV, and Parquet) via a number of delivery methods on the Crux platform. These include via a python or REST API, FTP, AWS S3, or Snowflake. Customers opting to use the Crux Query service can additionally run SQL queries or connect Excel, Tableau, and other business intelligence applications directly.

“We are pleased to bring our FX market data to the broader consumer market, enabling academic, commercial, and financial institutions that are not part of our ECN to now benefit from our datasets,” says Kevin Wolf, CEO of Euronext FX. “Our partnership with Crux enables us connect with our customers on a reliable, easy-to-use and secure platform.”

Philip Brittan, CEO of Crux Informatics, adds, “Up till now, data suppliers have had to face alone the friction involved in delivering and operating data feeds for clients. Crux presents a reliable alternative to the old way of doing things and an accelerant to suppliers’ business. Our data delivery and operations service offers 24×7 oversight of the data, and our flexible and future-proof set of data delivery channels ensures that data suppliers can get their data into their customers’ hands quickly and easily.”

Colin Lambert

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