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Crown Agents Bank Hires Tsiaprazis

Crown Agents Bank today has appointed Mel Tsiaprazis as executive vice president and group COO.

Tsiaprazis will also sit on the executive committee of the digital payment bank, which moves money to, from and across developing, emerging and frontier markets.

In a press release today, Crown Agents Bank cites her previous experience working in senior roles at MasterCard, London Stock Exchange Group, LCH Clearnet and Lloyds Banking Group, as qualifying Tsiaprazis for her new position.

“Crown Agents Bank is primed to utilise its unique network and heritage even more effectively. Partnered with advanced technology, its ability to move money across the world, particularly in territories that others struggle to reach, is very exciting. The potential to continue drastically expanding financial inclusion is something very close to me. The next step is to hit the ground running, making sure this potential is matched with the velocity and growth the industry’s technology can facilitate,” says Tsiaprazis.

Albert Maasland, CEO of Crown Agents Bank, adds: “We are delighted to welcome Mel to the team; her drive and international experience is the perfect component to push faster, further development in our services and strategy… We are continually improving our offering to make the movement of money as easy and efficient as possible. Mel’s operational development will be instrumental to helping us achieve our vision.”

Lizzy Birmingham

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