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You can imagine that, after three decades of shooting some of the world’s best surfers, filmmaker Taylor Steele has amassed a lot of unseen footage. Like, a lot a lot. Steele started showing up to the beach with his camera back in the late ’80s/early ’90s, and not long after graduation (and subsequently meeting Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian and Ross Williams) he released “Momentum”–one of the most generation-defining surf films of the era. And, as you likely know, Steele was no one-hit wonder. He later made films like “Loose Change”, “The Show”, “Focus”, “The Drifter”, “Campaign”, “Innersection”, and most recently, “Proximity”.

Now 30 years into the game, he’s got a garage full of storages boxes packed to the brim with film reels and VHS tapes that he has so graciously decided to share with the masses (you can see him explain it all above). According to his YouTube page, which he’s calling The Momentum Files, he’ll be releasing one every day–content from the early ’90s through today with cut scenes from Proximity. There’s already a couple dozen videos you can binge watch. Below are just a few he’s posted so far. Click through and enjoy a welcomed blast from the past–and stay tuned for future episodes.

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